Seattle Ship & Boat Repair

Located in Seattle, Washington, Lake Union Drydock Company is the premier ship yard on the west coast. We have two dry docks with capacity to lift vessels up to 6,000 tons, about 420 feet. We can also dry dock multiple vessels on the same dry dock so we are not limited to large ship repair projects; we are also very competitive with other smaller Seattle ship yards in smaller boat repair. We have established a reputation across Washington for providing high quality, cost effective boat and ship repairs for a wide variety of vessels. Our capabilities are derived from the skills of our experienced tradesmen who specialize in boat repair backed up by complete ship yard facilities and efficient organization and all the required tools to support them. We recognize that our main product is quality craftsmanship, applied effectively to maximize customer value.

Washington Ship Yard & Dry Dock Capabilities

  • Ship and boat repair and conversions of all types including sponsoning and lengthening
  • Complex ship overhauls requiring multiple disciplines
  • Dry dock vessels up to 6,000 tons. (Two dry docks)
    • 6,000 ton, 420 foot length, 60 foot breadth
    • 1,200 ton, 200 foot length, 44 foot breadth
  • Crane capacities up to 25 tons, but larger floating cranes are readily available.
  • Sheetmetal and steel fabrication
  • Certified Welding
  • Piping system installations and repairs
  • Sandblasting, high pressure washing and boat painting
  • Controllable pitch propeller system overhaul and installation
  • Interior Joiner Installations
  • Hydraulic and machinery repair
  • Complete electrical installations and electrical load testing
  • Expert rigging of machinery and associated equipment
  • Skilled shipwrights and cabinet making
  • Timely, accurate cost reporting
  • Fresh water moorage for large boats with no tidal action
  • Ready access to a wide variety of specialty suppliers and subcontractors serving boat repair needs in the Seattle area.

Located in Seattle Washington, Lake Union Drydock has the capacity for all ship types. Our facilities are equipped with the newest building and repair technology to ensure quality performance on all shipbuilding and boat repair projects.

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